Simon James and the Lyric Guitar

‘Nothing is more beautiful than a guitar, save perhaps two’, attributed to Fredric Chopin; my thoughts entirely.

Manning_01During my postgraduate year at Trinity College Of Music apart from continuing my study of classical guitar I also did composition with David Newbold. He had taught me harmony and counterpoint throughout my graduate years so we had a good working acquaintance. On one occasion we shared an informal recital in a rather extraordinary private home in Clapham. where the owner was able to open up all his downstairs rooms whose walls were decorated with Italian frescos and create a small recital room. As we were rehearsing David Newbold turned to me and said something I never forgot ‘ of course it doesn’t matter what you play on a guitar it always sounds so beautiful,’ A sentiment which I understand was shared by Chopin and Berlioz. This collection of my recordings is about that; the beautiful sound of the guitar in many different contexts.


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