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Simon James y Su Flamenco

This is the final release from my back catalogue; all the flamenco tracks from my previous recordings. This version is available on Amazon and many of the other music sites but on Spotify you will find it under The Art Of The Spanish Guitar.

Simon James y Su Flamenco on Amazon

The Art Of The Spanish Guitar on Spotify

Simon by Mike Caldwell


Denis ApIvor


Further to my project to record the complete works for solo guitar of the British composer Denis ApIvor I have placed his Op29 Variations (1958) and his Nocturne Op78 (1984) on my YouTube Channel.

Simon James Plays Francisco Tarrega

Francisco Tarrega (1852-1909) was the founding father of modern classical guitar. Without Tarrega there would have been no Segovia and without him the classical guitar as a concert instrument would not have made it into the twentieth century. The pieces I have recorded are among the most famous of his works and here they are released as an EP so they can be enjoyed and downloaded more easily.


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Sonata for Solo Violin BWV 1000 originally in G minor transcribed to A minor

Lute Suite No 2 BWV 997 original key C minor transcribed to A minor

Bach Recordings

After a certain amount of confusion I have found the other two Bach recordings, my transcription and arrangement of the first solo violin sonata originally in G minor transposed to A minor for guitar, and the second lute suite originally in C minor and here, as usual, in A minor for the guitar. Neither recording made it to Spotify or iTunes, for no apparent reason, but they are available on Deezer and Amazon.Mike CaldwellPhoto by Mike Caldwell as PR for my Wigmore Hall recital in 1985 for which event the Bach recordings were made

Kymaera and Acoustic Alchemy

In early 1998 my friend and one-time musical partner Nick Webb died of cancer. We had founded the band Acoustic Alchemy in 1980 and though I had left Alchemy in 1985 when my new band Kymaera played Ronnie Scotts in June 1998 we did the first set for Nick. We used old tunes that Nick and I had written together in the early days of Acoustic Alchemy; most of which were released by GRP on Early Alchemy in 1992. It struck me even then how good some of those tunes were and that now, twenty years after some of them were written, would be a good time to re-record them as a tribute to Nick’s writing and his approach to acoustic guitar music, but also because they are, exactly as he would wish them to be remembered, good tunes. So the idea for the album Into The Rainbow started; named after the last tune he and I wrote together in Autumn 1997, and the last recording of his music he heard finished. We released the track Into The Rainbow on The Early Days Of Alchemy so I have added to this album the track Desert Rose the only recorded collaboration between myself and Greg Carmichael who took over from me in Acoustic Alchemy when I left the band.
Ronnies 01 Dec 2001
It’s a great pleasure to take those Alchemy tracks from the original album Into The Rainbow and make them available once more for download through Choice Of Music with whom we are at present working.